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Our this years 2018 Electro is a high end beast which comes in a way cool black chrome. Lets call it a come back of black chrome, a long time not used in bicycle motocross we brought it back on a complete. This color does have a toughness like chrome but comes with a blag foggy blur. This years hot shoe equipped with some extra raffiness. higher standover and shorter rear end makes em easily manouverable through your perfect street spots. Of course it comes again with our famous Stereo Bike Co. "Slider hubguards" and Stereo Bike Co. "Slim" pegs. Tires is always a big thing when it comes to street radness, with our Stereo Bike Co. "Pick" up tire your hoopty rolls smoth like butter and gives you perfect grip on any surface. With extra cross lines and a fat 2.4 feelin its a must. Our Stereo Bike Co. "Flathead" rims are one of the widest rims on the market and turns out pretty good with 36mm width, so of course the 2.4 tire comes even bigger. Our new shaped Stereo Bike Co. "Charger" top load stem with a massiv upsweep for better steerin and a 52mm reach your steerin setup works amazing. Mixed up with this years Stereo Bike Co. "Hardrocker" bar and a massiv 9.5 height, which marks down our highest handlebar in Stereo Bike Co. history. Lets have a look tech wise and start with our long time runnin Stereo Bike Co. "Centauri" hubs for front setup and Stereo Bike Co "Soundmaster" rear hub. Female thing is way to go for our front hubs over years now and they work perfect when it goes to rear tech we trust our Soundmaster 14mm chromoly axled hub. Paired with max of sealed bearings and a sealed bearing chromoly 9t driver, this is todays pro level set up.

Beefed up aftermarket Stereo Bike Co. "Electro" frame with extra stiff front end and top and downtube gussets and a fully integrated headtube this is the max you can get for your money. Check this years short rear end of 13.25 and a standover of 9.25 ! so you know what we talkin about, this geos make em perfect for turns, barspins, wallrides etc. 100% action prooved. Thick dropouts and laser cut end caps shaped em perfect. Custom seatbridge design and chainstaybridge give em extra rear end stiffness. Of course this setup is breakless rideable so you can remove easily your full brake set up in just seconds. But never mind for those who still ride brakes this one comes with a full installed brake set up. Lets have a look on our seat on the Electro. Since years we go for the Tripod system on our top level bike, cause its easy to install and you even have two options to go, a steeper and and a lower level. The Stereo Bike Co. "Delta" tripod post is made out of massive 6061 aluminium for zero flex and this years version of Stereo Bike Co. "Moped" seat comes out pretty chic. Faux leather all over, fat double stitching and a nice small Stereo Bike Co. flag makes em a beauty as always. Crank wise we trust our Stereo Bike Co. "Valve Plus cranks", we managed to give em a new V-shape which makes em more stiffer and more durable with zero flexin in flex zones. Laser cut shapes and perfect welded 4130 chromoly is a must for todays cranks, so you can easily do your next crankslide. Shorter version of 170mm is prefered by most of the riders today, so we did. Todays shorted rear ends crys for half link chains and we do it for years now its better for your chain drive system. Our Stereo Bike Co. "Chaingang" half link chain is proofed to be perfect. Flybikes is our year long partner when it comes to pedal question, we like the shape , we like the material, we like Flybikes. Their Ruben Alcantara signature modell is one of the best pedals out there and even a graphite version is way ahead of time. Now we flooded you with detail infos on this one of a kind perfect complete bike, and for sure if you are on the search for a complete give this a try. 2018 marks down our 10th anniversary in complete bike buisness and over the years we did a lot and we seen a lot. Our goal is since we did our first line of completes to offer our customers the best for their money out there. Since we found our love in bicycle motocross in the early 80s our goals was to ride pro level bikes like we seen in the magazines like bmx action or freestylin. This love is still here today and we always test ride our stuff, from bmxers for bmxers is our mark. Our team has major influence and of course long testing went from first idea to production level. So if you want to learn more on our complete bike line hop over to our bikes site or if you wanna buy one of these check your local Stereo Bike Co. Dealer or check distro site for further info. If you cannot get your hands on our products in your country no problem for this case we do have a Stereo Bike Co. factory store where you can buy our products. Check em out and surf through our products. If you wann check our social media streams get ahead on our page you find all from instagram to youtube.

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