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How do i get STROBMX. Merch like Stickers, Banners, Shades etc. ?


you can buy STROBMX. Stickers at your finest STROBMX. Dealer ! if you wanna buy em directly from us just drop us a message in the CONTACT form or go to our STORE Site and buy some Stuff from our Online Store !


Where can i buy Stereo Bike Co. Products and Complete Bikes ?


go to your favorite local BMX Shop or BMX Mailorder ! if they do not have us in stock , tell em they should contact their Distro ! if you want to have a look in which Country STROBMX Products and Complete Bikes are available, go to our DISTRIBUTOR List and check it out , they will let you know the Bikes Shops sellin our Products !


If i have a Warranty Case ?


we hope you are happy with our Products and everything works well for you ! but if you have a Warranty Case , first read the WARRANTY ! if its under the Warranty please contact your Authorized STROBMX Dealer or Mailorder where you have bought the Product !


How do i find the right Size for Frames, Bikes etc. ?


in general its always good to support your Local BMX Shop , they will help you out in many ways ! Plese see the full Specs of each Products in the BIKES or THINGS Section ! if you click on the Pictures you find all info you need ! If you do not find an answer please feel free to contact us by using the CONTACT form ! write us your message and we do our very best to help you out !


Do you find STROBMX. on Facebook, Twitter etc. ?


yes of course you find us the Social Communities ! just click the Buttons and share our Activities and be well informed what’s goin on at STROBMX !


Who are We ?


if you need Adress info about us check our IMPRINT 


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