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Our Story goes way back into the late 70's beginning 80's when we first discovered the three magic letters, Bicycle Moto Cross or lets name it BMX. Mid 70's we got our first so called Bonanza bikes which where more like stylish lookin bikes with a banana seat and high riser handlebar. But way cool for their time and we modified it so we can jump around dirt surface. In 1980 got my first real Bicycle Motocross Bike, metalflake blue with fat knobby tires and yellow pads, wow what a masterpiece soon after that all kids around neighborhood had one of these and we had the best time of our lifes. Every one durin this decade jumped into racing scene cause it was the only sport bmx had these days. Of course we also jumped with these 20inchers around the streets and curbs out there in the city but we did not named it street riding. Mid 80s the first freestyle scene came up and everyone tried to jump skateparks, and we were lucky ones cause in our neighborhood we had an american facility and they had everything. But we still finally rode on our dirt surface....In these days we all dreamed about our own bmx company and did our own homecut stickers and everything, Years went by and we stayed true with the simple three letters and finally opend our first bmx shop in town, which still exist ! some years after we also started a bmx distribution company but we never forgot our plan of doin our own bmx company. Finally after a long way of thinking and travel overseas we started STROBMX Company in 2008 and the dream come true. Since day one we design our stuff at headquarter in Germany and produce all our bikes and parts at the finest and high quality producers Taiwan offer. Taiwan have the same highest level of craftmanship and engineering like Germany.


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