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Once again this is the time of the year again when the biggest bike show on earth takes place again in beautiful Friedrichshafen right next to the Bodensee. The EUROBIKE SHOW 2017. I cannot count anymore how many times we have been there , but i think it was 15th year with a booth down there. For us the show is the big thing, its a chance for us to meet our friend, customers, dealers, and distros from around the globe. And for this year the show marks down our "10th Anniversary" with Stereo Bike Co. , wow what a blast. And of course we drink the whole show and made a "Prost" for this decade of bicycle motocross. And you know what, we are still hungry for some more decads of these simple and way amazing letters. Since the late 70s and early 80s which is now almost 40years or let is say 4 decades ago when i discovered bmx as the thing to go, the love never dissapear through these decades. it was always around and still there, and today with of course less riding the loeve still pumps. juhhuuuu.... as we say, how thankful can i be for that gift. Lets go back to the show event....

We arrived tuesday late afternoon, and due to our booth size we were fast build it up and enjoyd the beautiful sun and a cold beer outside on lake bodensee. Right after sunset we dropped down our stuff on our flat and headed down to our favorite italian restaurant for tons of pasta and beers. Next morning came up pretty fast and first day of show was so great. Meet a lot of people from the scene like our island distro frikki and his friend who is a regular right now at the show. Of course couple of some ice cold beers and nice talks went on. Later the day we headed down to our friend guido tschugg how made a really nice party while celecbratin his masters dh title (yeah world champ...once again well done). You must know guido is an ex bmx racer from back in the days and then hopped over to the mtb scene. Okay with lots beers in our heads we went sleep very fast, but damn to short. Thursday second show day and again WOW. We met our distro from malta / paul from magri cycles a very old bicycle distro over in malta, paul told us he is in 4th generation. Oh yeah we like this style of family buisness. Was nice to meet you again, paul. Another show ups where Bart from FATBMX, who is now in charge for the upcomin 2020 tokyo. And we met john bultjens from haro bmx usa which is in charge for the retro haro line (great job john, good to have a beer with you guys). So later the day an very old friend show up at our booth , tim schneider which i know from back in the glory days of bmx. We once met nearly 35 years ago and been together travellin usa in 1987. Great to see you tim and party on later at the electra party. Oh well almost party marathon is not done yet. Friday was last dealer day and of course offical EUROBIKE party day. Again a blast with lots of beer of course. Wow and the weather changed dramatically, when we build up on tuesday weather was hot around 30C and it dropped down to friday and saturday on 15C ....Uffff lets get that winter jackets out folks. Ok last day was as usual customer day.

Tons of posters and stickers were handed out to the masses and of course display bikes were sold...great cause no more truck loadin. Oh well again it was such an amzing show and we want to thank all the visitors who have seen our stuff and anniversary line. Thanx for the media who reported from EUROBIKE Show, we know over the years for a brand this show is a must. Maybe some more bmx will come back to the show once again, cause we only see some brands left over there . Anyway we will be back in 2018 at the EUROBIKE show which takes place way earlier then the previous years. Next years show will take place from 8th july - 10th july 2018. We hope we can see you again for another year of bicycle motocross, do not miss the chance to come over to this nice place, mix it up with some holidays and you will be amazed a lot to do at the bodensee area and of course durin summer time the lake is pretty good for wate activities. Or drive to the mountains which are only 1 hr drive away and you will have the best downhill spots around europe.

In this feed we put up some pics from our actual 2018s anniversary line. The 2018 line already dropped around the globe, ours came just in time for EUROBIKE show and all pre loads went out straight to the dealers. So feel free to check all our new tech, colors, specs, geos and everything on our new fleet. A lot is to discover from shorter rear ends, more 4130 chromoly, even more aftermarket parts on our entry level rides. New steeds in our fleet like the "Amp" modell or the "Subwoofer" which steped into the "Speaker" modell. Oh yeah you see, a lot is new. Or go on and check the rebirth of "Black Chrome" on our hot steed the "Electro" Modell. Yeah or a fantastic colorway we call gloss trans amethysth, which come up at our all time hero the plug in. Do not miss to check our aftermarket line go on and strive through our pages we already load up tons of new pics to check. Just forgot to mention our "Speaker Plus" modell which have a very nice tye dye custom seat in mid size paddin. Yeah and for the first time ALL our modells do have front and rear sealed bearing hubs. So you see we done a very cool anniversary line. Higher standover were mixed with higher handebars as well, so updated on point. We have everything to offer from the very entry level complete to the high end street iron, you can choose.

Since we done our very own molds like the "Humbucker" Tires or the "Audio" Grips a lot year went by now. But they are still around and top sellers in our range. We are proud to stuff out this long lasting parts on our completes. But of course we have some new stuff in portfolio like the new "Charger Plus" stem on our head honcho the "Electro". Go check it out and you will like the upsweep. 2.4s like our "Pick up" tires equipped the fleet from electro to speaker plus. Oh well just to mention "Slider" hubguards also find its way back to the "Electro" . New shaped cranks for even more strenght and zero flex while doin hard core tricks was a must on the new line. On the Plug in which is also breakless rideable we managed to bring back our famous 4pc "Hard4 bar" , this one is such a killer handlebar and with a rise of 9 it perfect for handlin.

But for sure the best way to see all the brand new stuff go over to our brand page and see all the new stuff. For now on ...have fun !

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