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2018 ...OUT NOW!

oh yeah finally its done , a lot work behind us but here we are with our fine tuned 10th Anniversary 2018 collection. Yeah a decade is gone now wow fast years went by. Go strive over our newly remodeled webpage and see our new line of stuff. All Completes were fully new designed from the very heart the frame with new standovers shorter rear ends for more moveability, all fully done new. Again check colorways which came out pretty awesome and rounds up our custom touch. The return of black chrome coloway on our head honcho the Stereo Bikes "Electro" BMX Bike , this one was worth a decade to wait and stuff it up with awesome homebrewed Stereo Bike Co. aftermarket stuff. Click it and lean back and enjoy your ride through the Electro heaven and if you check price you will be stoked once again. All could be seen and ordered in our Factory Shop as well, so every one around the globe have the chance to get their hands on Stereo Bike Co. movement. Of course check Distro site for your personal Distro in your country and go check em out. All new 2018 line up will be available end of august 2017 nationwide at your finest Stereo Bike Co. dealers.

Our almost true buddy since day one the Stereo Bikes "Plug in" BMX Bike is a must for every true rider. Its a very affordable true iron which makes you easy for your next moves. And you know what, check the bar finally our Hard 4 Bar made it to the Plug in first time ever. High and wide for every situation out there you be prepared with this one. Also Frame wise Chromoly find its way back to the Plug in again and made it stiffer then ever. Get yor close up view or head over to our YouTube Channel for seen these bikes and this amazing Gloss Trans Amethyst Color, ...STOKED is the name of game. From ground up we can say the best Plug in ever. Our Advanced Line up startin with the true hero or name it Stereo Bikes "Speaker Plus" , fires out with an amazing tye dye styled seatcombo, or even equipped with our fatty the Stereo Bike Co. "Pick up" 2.4 tire which normally find its way only on the upper level bikes. For our Stereo Bike Co. Art Stickers we are known since a decade now , and if you look close on every single bikes custom touch sticker sets you will love it , detail in every way. For our 10th anniversary line we born a new baby in our factory the Stereo Bikes "Amp" modell, since a long time we had this idea to come up with a enty level ride for a great price. But it took us almost 2 years to finalize this hot idea and a great feedback from our distro, dealers, customers and riders we finally made it and here we go with the "Amp". A classic sooty matt black finish makes it outstanding from the rest of its bike in its class and go ahead and check it specswise and you will once again get high eyebrows. You get our true Stereo Bike Co. quality from the spokes up to the frame everything equipped with fine Stereo Bike Co. craftmanship standards and quality outfit. Its made with a 20.75 long TT for every size of rider, great standards like mid bb which you only find on the amp in this entry class. And the cherry of the cake is all sealed bearing on the wheelset, and you know not only on the amp on all Stereo Bike Co. modells for 2018 we do have sealed bearing hubs !!!! Get your hands fast on this hot seller and pre book it now. Or go direct to our Factory Store for pre-book for end August delivery.

Lets move to the Stereo Bikes "Woofer" BMX Bike which is in our range now since 2 years and we continue this entry brothers, for this year we decided to hand over the speaker modell to the Stereo Bikes "Subwoofer" BMX Bike, so from now on this the Woofer is the big bro and the Subwoofer is the lil bro. For Woofer we kept the 20.25 TT length and shorten the rear end a bit for faster movin entry riders, which makes it more easy to learn bunny hops and turns. Hey, check the Dark glossy black metalflake gold finish. AMAZING ! custom seat look with black denim jeans cover outfitted with our handwooven "10th anniversary" label rounds up pretty custom and the look of a pro level ride. What do you think ? If the Woofer is too big for you , no problem get the "Subwoofer" special with a shorter TT of 19inch and shorter handlebar and cranks as well. Since our first drawings and needs for a shorter 20inch we were one of the first companys who realized this project by closin the gap between the shorty 18 inch kids bikes and the 20inchers . Its a downsized bigger bike with 20inch wheels and rideable for everyone who too big now for the 18 inch irons. And you know what since day one this is one of our hottest sellers in the range due to the decribed facts. For 10th anniversary we shaped it in a classic matt black finish with some gloss silver bars and Stereo Art Sticker Set. Classic like Audio grips or black denim seatcombo find its way back to this legend. Howevery the last of our decade breed is our lil buddy the Stereo Bikes "Half Stack" BMX Bike. We fired out a wild colorway and call it Atomic Matt Neon Green. This is a true friend on your way to the big boy class, our first half stack ideas nearly 11 years ago was to shrink a big bike and offer the same geo and spces for the kids. The feedback from day one when they put it out of the box and ride it the smile on the kids last for long. Its great steering and moveability this bike is known for and every kid who ride it in the beginning still says this is the best you can get.

So finally its done and another decade is waitin for us. Of course we also used our long time relationship companys such as Flybikes or

Odyssey products to stuff out our 2018 line. These companys are know for quality and strenght material since a long time and we trust these companys over 10 years now and want to thanx them as well for their great support and products. We are known for quality high end material and thats why we trust only the same companys which have those high standards in production. Lets see what the future brings and its almost started, so feel free to write us and give us feedback, you are the customers who ride our stuff and we are proud of you guys for the support and fanship over these 10 years lets make it another 10year party we are here to rock'n roll and party almost began. By the way also check our Social media channels for updates of our riders and products go on and check new webpage etc. ....oh and do not forget to check our "Things" ...all find Stereo Bike Co. Aftermarket products are waitin for you.

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