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Our True Hero the Stereo "Electro" 2017 BMX Bike comes back in our range for 2017. Since our beginning the Electro was this high end complete for years. Now with an immense upgrade such as brand new frame geos with higher standovers and shorter rear ends this is built for todays street riders. Equipped with a 9.5 Stereo "Hard Rock" bar your turns and hops will be easy to made. The upsweep brand new Stereo "Charger" stem provides you an even more higher feeling to catch every ledge. For 2017 we stuffed out the Stereo "Centauri" hubs with our very own Stereo "Slider" hubguards to prevent damage on your hubs and spokes. A true friend our Stereo "Flat head" rims comes with an extra wide 36mm stretch which is currently one of the widest rims on the market. And in combination with our Stereo "Pick up" tire which has a 2.4 size you will get a well big bulky set up for soft landings and sharp turns. Our 2nd. gen tire the "Pick up" was designed in conjunction with our team bro's and finally finished in our very own design lab. Our gen tire the "Humbucker" which has a 2.3 size is still in production and has a very high fellowship.

Our Updated Stereo "Valve Plus" cranks with a wider sqaure diameter for better crank slides to provide damage came out very good. Since a few years we still have a great friendship with Fly Bikes and do stuff out our high ends with their famous "Ruben Alcantara Sig. Pedal", as you can see it also find their way back to the Electro. For almost 10 years now (2018 line will be our 10th anniversary) we are well know for our very outstanding seat designs which appeared in the last decade. From faux gator skin to faux snake skin or indian inspired pattern such as our santa cruz combos. So check out our Stereo"Snake" faux snake skin tripod version with a mid size pattern and a 100% fit to our Stereo "Delta" tripod seatpost. With the two position possible tripod system you have the choice either to make it lil more chopper feelin or straight edge rideable.

So overall the Stereo "Electro" 2017 BMX bike is stuffed with our famous aftermarket parts and is for the pro level rider in sight. The eye catchin matt dirty brown raw finish is another highlight on this stallion. For even more information or some more details shots swoop over to our "Bikes" site on to see the bike in full effect. If you cannot find a dealer or distro in your homecountry to buy our bikes and products just go tell your local bmx shop or bike dealer to contact us and we directly ship em out. For your needs we also do have our online store to check asap if bike is available with a fast shipment around the globe.

So we are here to provide our products around the globe via our distro and dealer network and even if you do not find a local supporter to bring you stuff direct to your door. We hope we provided you an exclusiv glimpse on our Electro modell and even more a feelin for our products. If you want to find out more about our company and products just check our blog infos or website features. Or go check our social media channels such as instagram or facebook sites to see our riders and fans in action. We try to update the media channels daily to support you with news aroud our company.

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