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A GLIMPSE...2017

A glimpse into 2017....the world is turnin fast these days, and and its that time of the year where all companies poppin out into the fresh summer breeze with tons of new load of parts, completes, goodies and fashion hypes. Another year almost gone fast and its half time baby, by the summer over here wasn't really a summer so far. Tons of rain we got splashed from skys during spring and now where summer time is almost here, still some rains, thunderstroms floatin across the streets, parks and trails. Is it already El Nino? or is just a damn fuckin summer? ...what we knows is that we stretched our brains during the off season to hammer our some new stuff for 2017. Again like previous seasons we presented new modells, new shit and everything else around by late august beg. sept. ! Completes are almost done and ready to roll out worldwide in beg. oct. ! A short glimpse... and the following weeks we will show some other fancy hot spots and ring the bell for the summer. So stay tuned and once in a while check our spy shots poopin up around the net on our zzzzoooocial media rivers. We hope you love our upcoming stuff and be a true fan of our family like you were in the past.

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