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Our Currently Aftermarket Frame the "Flash" is a fully 4130 Sanko Chromoly Tubing Frame with extra stiff and fat dropouts. Also Street approved top and down tube gussetts rounds up this nice iron. We added some cool custom art finish by using a sticker set, (which can be removed) in case you did not like it. Most of our family riders cruising on this ship and are happy about it. A nice color finish which we call trans brass make an outstanding look. For all you do not know this is the same frame we using in our head honcho complete the flash, which is a long time runner and its still in our programm since day one of our company.

Next year the flash marks a 10th anniversary which we have this frame in our portfolio, every year we made em a radical update by optimize em to current standards and beyond, for example for this year wider chainstays right made up for our fatty the Stereo Bike Co. Pick up 2.4 Tire, beefed up dropouts and a custom bend seatbridge for more clearance are only few things we made new for 2016. And of course a higher standover of 9 give you plenty of space for bar spins and other moves. Also we beefed up the stress zones like headtube design and the slightly thicker top and down tube gussetts. The frame is already on the market since end of last year with the comeout of our new 2016 completes and should be available at your finest Stereo Bike Co. Dealer around the globe.

If you do not find a distro or dealer around your town or somewhere in your country, in this case we offer you the "shop" right on our page to get your stuff done. We got so much request from countries without distros or even bmx stores so for now thats no problem to get your hands on our products. We hope you enjoyed our little tour througout our flash frame, if you want more news check in once in a while or bust into our social media channels like facebook, instagram so get the latest whats goin on in our stable.

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