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Enjoy our brand new Freecoaster...we call it Rollacoaster. Over the years street changed enormous, of course Freecoasters are not new to the bicycle motocross scene, but more famous in the previous years in the flatland scene. But nowadays its a must in the apsphalt world of bmx. So for us it was sure to create one which is compfordable in any ways. Problems with freecoasters today are nearly goin to zero, if you are a hardcore shredder every hub paid their dues over the time. If we came up with the idea of comin out with the freecoaster consitency was our keyword. First thing was a stable 14mm chromoly axle which holds up strong every curb and drop. Paired up with fully sealed bearings and a solid cnc machined body give em the prefect shape. The adjustable gap give you the option you want to roll back. Give em a try and you will def. love it. Have a close look in our Gallery here.


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