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Our "Hard 4" Bar is on the market since end of 2013. The 4pc bar is not a new concept, some of the old guys know this goes way back in history to 80s and 90s when companies like peregrine or dk came out with a new idea of shapin a handlebar, totally differnt to the popular shapes back in the days. A company called "CW" where one of the first brands who played with new designs on handlebars, as you can check on the oldschool blogs on the planet you will still find their cool designs. For us it was a logic decision to bring something new, and while we brainstormed for our top head honcho the flash, we decided to bring a 4pc bar on our top level engine. Some of the 4pc bars which were already on the market only had smal heights like 7.5 or 8 inch, but due to the fact higher handlbars gives you better skills we wanted to go for something higher, so the hammer drops on the 9.5 height and a 30 width for best handling. Of course we also had this handlbar for aftermarket production too and since then this one is a hot iron. It gives you much more room due to the classic shape of a 4pc bar and even with a backsweep of 12 and upsweep of 3. Of course heat treated was the process we wanted to add for more strength.

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