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From now on we present a "Flashback Friday" every comin week, to tell ya something about the past. This week we want to show you some flashback of our "Humbucker" tire which kicked off in early 2012. The first ideas of this home designed tire came in in early 2010 for the need of a almost everywhere rideable tire. The problem of designing an own tire (not an open mold tire) is the huge cost of making a tire tool. After the decision of doin a tire we first started doin sketches how the tire should look a like. Our goal was to do a pattern where you can ride everywhere on every surface whether its pure street or even dirt must be possible. We came up with the idea of doin low pattern on top and to add a few material on the sides, so we could combine both ideas of low rollin resistance and max grip while you go in turns.

We were one of the first companies doin a fat 2.3 tire these days, with a max pressure of 100psi this was the way to go. Full pumped depends on what rims you use width is from 58-60 mm width, which is pretty compfortable. From day one to the final protoype everyone of us were deeply involved into our first own baby. The truth will be here when we have our first protoype in hand and could test ride em to the max.

But to this date a long journey was in front of us, cause more aspects must be come into the tire. Sidewalls for example must be strong and durable today cause of heavy street ridin. Also puncture resistance was a word we kept in mind. During a process of 2 years , endless drawings and redrawings and nightlong discussions 2012 was the year we hold our first protoype tire in hand. After smashing a kickoff party in our local store we handed out the first samples to our street dude chris to test em to the max and finally after long period of hardcore riding (chris runs his protoype tire, almost 2 years without any fail !!!!) we decided to make a go for this tire. So our Humbucker tire is still on the market and running strong since day one. Also the Humbuckers found its way to our high end completes in the years 2013-2014.

Our Humbucker is still on the market and is available at finest Stereo Bike Co. Dealer worldwide. If you do not have the chance to get your hands on one of em, no problem you can buy em factory direct here at our shop. Colors are black, black with white sidewall or black with dark redwall.

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